Spring 2018 Schedule

March 2 

Yilang FengUniversity of Michigan

"Measurement of Corporate Political Connection and Its Effects on Entrepreneur International Trade Preferences"


  • Haillie Lee, Georgetown University
  • Eddy Malesky, Duke University
  • David Szakonyi, George Washington University


  • Meredith Wilf, University of Pittsburgh, GSPIA

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April 30

Dean Dulay, Duke University

"Elite-Driven Development through Technological Change: Philippine Sugar Exports in the Early 1900s” 


  • Francisco Garfias, University of California-San Diego
  • Benjamin A.T. Graham, University of Southern California
  • Shanker Satyanath, New York University


  • Leo Baccini, McGill University


May 4

Alexander Thompson, Ohio State University

Yoram Haftel, Hebrew University

Tomer Broude, Hebrew University

"How Does Arbitration Affect Regulatory Space in Investment Agreements?” 


  • Axel Berger, German Development Institute
  • Benjamin A.T. Graham, University of Southern California
  • Soo Yeon Kim, National University of Singapore
  • Krzysztof Pelc, McGill University


  • Rachel Wellhausen, University of Texas at Austin


May 9

Mehmet Kerem Coban, National University of Singapore

“Exploring Policy Transfer, Bureaucratic Politics, and Policy Capacity in Macroprudential Regulatory Governance: Insights from the Turkish Case”


  • Andrew Baker, University of Sheffield
  • Natalya Naqvi, Princeton University
  • Daniel Blake, IE Business School, Madrid


  • James Morrison, London School of Economics