David A. Lake Award for Best Paper presented at IPES

2017: Cameron Ballard-Rosa (University of North Carolina), Mashail Malik (Stanford University), Stephanie Rickard (London School of Economics), and Kenneth Scheve (Stanford University), “The Economic Origins of Authoritarian Values: Evidence from Local Trade Shocks in the United Kingdom”

2016: Eric Arias (New York University), "Patronage by Credit: International Sources of Patronage Spending in Developing Countries."

2015: Sung Eun Kim (Columbia University), "Media Bias against Foreign Firms as a Veiled Trade Barrier: Evidence from Chinese Newspapers."

2014: Nikhar Gaikwad (Yale University), "East India Companies and Long-Term Economic Change in India."

2013: In Song Kim (Princeton University), "Political Cleavages within Industry: Firm level Lobbying for Trade Liberalization."

2012: J. Lawrence Broz (University of California, San Diego), "The Federal Reserve as Global Lender of Last Resort, 2007-2011."

2011: Dimitar Gueorguiev (University of California, San Diego), Edmund Malesky (University of California, San Diego), and Nathan Jensen (Washington University in St. Louis), "Rents Asunder: Sectoral Rent Extraction Possibilities and Bribery by Multi-National Corporations."

2010: Stephanie Walter (University of Heidelberg), "Globalization and the Demand-Side of Politics: How Globalization Shapes Individual Perceptions of Labor Market Risk and Policy Preferences."


Presented every three years:


Best New Dataset

At the 2017 conference, Leo Baccini (McGill University), Manfred Elsig (World Trade Institute), and Andreas Dür (University of Salzburg) will be awarded our initial prize for the best new dataset for The Design of Trade Agreements (DESTA).


Best Book 

The best IPE book published in the last 3 years.

2015: Sonal Pandya (University of Virginia), Trading Spaces: Foreign Direct Investment Regulation, 1970–2000.

2018: Rachel Wellhausen (University of Texas at Austin), The Shield of Nationality: When Governments Break Contracts with Foreign Firms


Career Achievement Award

At the 2016 conference, we presented the first career achievement award to David A. Lake.